Top 5 Tips For Choosing A Tax preparer

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Tax filing 2019 is not the most exciting thing on anyone’s mind. But you just can’t do without it. It is advisable to hire someone to provide service for tax preparation. But before you hire, do a little research about him or her. It is good to know about the tax preparer and the kind of services he or she provides and also their charges.

Here are the points to remember before you hire someone for tax preparation

Get an enrolled agent, CPA or law license holder

Certified tax preparers are always recommended. They can be an enrolled agent, a certified public accountant or a licensed attorney as they have ample knowledge of tax filing, tax refund, state tax filing, state tax refund, tax rate and tax table. They have extensive experience in online tax filing and use multiple online tools like tax calculator to give you a good result. There are lots of places from where you can get contact with these recognized tax preparation service providers like the IRS directory.

There are other tax preparers who may not be listed on few of these directories. So a private search may give you the contact of few of them.

Tax preparer not doing e-file

tax filing online

A paid preparer must do more than 10 tax returns for clients, for them to file electronically. If your tax preparer does not e-file, then he definitely does less tax return. It will be better not to avail services of such agents, as they may be low on experience.

Preparer Tax Identification Number

IRS requires that your tax preparers put his PTIN on the tax return. For that, you need to ask them for PTIN beforehand. Since the tax preparer is getting compensation for his services, IRS will require his PTIN.

Being friends with tax professionals

Tax professionals are members of American Academy of Attorney CPA’s, National Association of Enrolled Agents, American Institute of Certified Public Accountant or National Association of Tax Professionals. If you have friends there or you have taken membership, then it will help you a lot. They have a professional requirement, codes of ethics and certification programs, which comes in handy.

Compensation for tax preparer

You can talk to few of these professionals to grasp their knowledge in their domain. Also, understand the compensation they expect from the service they will provide you, whether they will fill the “paper form” or “e-file”. Also, will they audit as per your requirement? You can compare their fee structure and see what suits you better.

Final thoughts

These are the main things that you need to look into a tax preparer. Since you have to share you’re personal as well as your financial details, make sure both of you are comfortable with each other. Trust is very important in such scenarios. If you can get a review from the previous clients, then it will add to his or her credibility. Finally, when you have decided to hire one of the shortlisted tax preparers, do make him or her sign on the dotted line. That will seal the deal.

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