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  • The IRS gives news that every year they have about $1 billion in unclaimed refunds waiting for people who did not file a tax return.  Several people believe that they don’t have to file since they don’t earn adequate money, on the other hand, they may be missing out their tax refund if they had taxes deducted from their paychecks, paid expected taxes, or were qualified for credits such as the Earned Income Tax Credit.  If you didn’t file your tax return this year, you have 3 years from the due date to claim your tax refund. You can check out our interactive break down to know how much tax refunds may be anticipating for you.

  • Have you ever heard that every year IRS has upwards of a billion dollars in unclaimed tax refunds? That’s true, a billion dollars of money is owed to taxpayers across the nation. How does this ensue?
  • In major cases, refunds go unclaimed as taxpayers who don’t make enough money and does not meet the IRS obligation do not file a tax return, which is really entitled to a tax refund, but as they did not file a return, they can’t claim that funds. The other important tax break that taxpayers fail to notice is the Earned Income Tax Credit or EITC. This is a tax credit, not a deduction, that’s accessible to numerous lower-income taxpayers, and this credit frequently goes unclaimed.

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  • If you have faced any of the above conditions, then it’s time to get to work so that can you claim what’s lawfully yours this tax season and you can even claim for preceding tax seasons. The only thing you should remember is that the IRS places just a three-year window on claiming your past refunds. After that time intervenes, the fund goes to the U.S. reserves. Also note that if you want to claim a refund from two or three years ago, you’ll require ensuring all consequent year tax returns have been filed in order for the funds to be released.

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  • Regrettably, if you’re planning to claim a potential refund that may be a few years old, that can be bothersome if you haven’t kept good report. As you know, preparing a tax return takes very little time and generally entails several credentials that report your income and taxes paid throughout the year, so coming up with W-2 and 1099 forms a few years after the fact may be a matter of concern.
  • Thus, it is essential to keep all tax-related credentials in a secure place for at least 3-7 years. So, check your file cupboard and excavate through the box of papers in the clandestine to see if you can come up with what you require. You can contact your employer if you don’t have any document and request copies of the forms. So, think about your condition and make up your mind in doing a little legwork to track down documentation and filing old tax returns is worth it. We can help you effortlessly file your taxes for this tax year as well as preceding tax years.

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