Rhode Island (RI) State Tax Forms 2019

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Prepare and efile Your Rhode Island Tax Return Forms

The tax software makes it easy for you to efile your state tax return and use the correct state tax forms. Prepare and efile your Rhode Island state tax return (resident, nonresident, or part-year resident) and Federal tax return together or separately. View the federal filing requirements to see if you need to file a federal income tax return.

Rhode Island Income Tax Filing Deadline

The regular deadline to file a Rhode Island state income tax return is April 15.

Tax Deadline Date Type of Income Tax Return Filing Deadline / Due Date Description
April 18, 2019 2018 Rhode Island State Tax Return Due date for Rhode Island State Income Tax Returns – income tax filing deadline
April 18, 2019 2018 Rhode Island State Tax Extension Due date for Rhode Island extensions
October 15, 2019 2018 Rhode Island State Tax Return Last day to efile a 2018 Rhode Island State Income Tax Return for tax extension filers and late efilers

View all state tax return filing deadlines.

Find federal income tax return filing deadlines.

Rhode Island State Tax Forms that Can Be efiled

we supports all of the forms that Rhode Island allows to be efiled. You can efile any of the following Rhode Island state tax forms:

Form/Schedule Description Can I efile this form?
Form RI-1040/1040NR Resident/Nonresident and Part Year Resident-Individual Income Tax Return
Form RI-1040H Property Tax Relief Claim
Form RI Schedule II Nonresident Tax CalculationCredit for Income Taxes Paid to Another State
Form RI Schedule III-Schedule V Part-Year Resident Tax Calculation
Form RI Schedule IV Contributions

How to File a Rhode Island Tax Amendment Forms

When Do I Need to File a Rhode Island Amended Tax Return?

efile tax return

If the IRS made changes to your tax return during an audit, then you have up to 90 days since receiving the final notice to file a tax amendment form in the state of Rhode Island. If you are expecting a refund as a result of filing your amendment, then you must file the form within a period of 3 years from the filing date of the return or within 2 years of the date when you paid the tax, whichever is later. If you are filing an amendment with the intention to claim a property tax relief credit, then you must file by April 15th of the year the original return is due.

How Do I File a Tax Amendment in Rhode Island or Correct My Accepted Rhode Island Tax Return?

You must fill out a tax amendment form if there is a change in your federal tax return or another state tax return that affects your Rhode Island state income tax return. That change can be a result of filing an amendment or a notification by the IRS.
Here are your two options to file a Rhode Island tax amendment:

  1. Download and fill out Form RI-1040X-R (residents) or Form RI-1040X-NR (nonresidents) yourself. When you’re done, print out the form and mail it to: State of Rhode Island, Division of Taxation, One Capitol Hill, Providence, RI 02908-5800OR
  2. Have an efile TaxPro prepare and file your amended tax return for you! Enjoy all the benefits of working with a TaxPro, including:
  • Receiving answers to your tax questions from a licensed tax professional!
  • Enjoying the peace of mind that your amended taxes are being handled by a professional!

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