The Internet has played a vital role in the last twenty years which has transformed the working system and has brought a valuable change in mindset and everyday routine life cycle of the people. One can get knowledge upon any topic through the internet. All information regarding any topic is just a click away. The traditional way of filing income tax is now taken upon by the internet based Online Tax Filing. Online Tax filing system has hence reduced the time delays occurring due to undue paperwork and long queues at Government firms.

In the age of the internet filing, the taxes has now become an easy and simple task. One can make ready his tax calculation personally or consult with a Chartered accountant for his work. Once the Tax calculations are prepared the rest of the task is hassle-free. Filing can then be done in two ways, i.e by self-using internet or consulting a Tax consultant to file their tax returns instead of themselves. In the case of Tax-Consultant, relevant documents are being used by agents to file the Income-tax electronically on account of the Taxpayer. However, Using the Internet and following simple steps as per the instruction, one may easily file tax online.


There are many advantages however in using Internet personally as an option for filing their Income tax returns:

  • Filing of taxes from your PC eradicates those leg tiring rushes to the Income Tax bodies.
  • Tensions of preparing papers and waiting in long queue for posting it before the due date shall be relieved upon.
  • Chances of making mistakes are avoided as one gets continuous feedback and error message on the wrong filing of the data. This also sacks one’s scare over a matter of wrong tax preparation or calculation. Moreover, correcting the mistake online is less time-consuming.
  • Online tax filing has gradually shortened the time lapse of filing tax online and the tax return.
  • All data can be precisely stored by the Government bodies. Days of maintaining big paper file records get eradicated.
  • Noticeable shrinkage in processing time from Government body.

However one tends to have several doubts into their mind while filing income tax online. The most common doubt among all of the people is the fear of filing wrong income tax or getting conversant with tax filing software. However it must be noted that if one goes to genuine tax filing software, the software are designed so user-friendly. One can always look into online help tab available for ready assistance. Many of the software provides free customer care calling centers wherein one can make a call and get a satisfactory answer to their queries. Furthermore, one shall get an error if the text inputs are wrong which moreover makes the tax filing procedure error-free. You are not allowed to complete the process until all mandatory data are filled correctly. This avoids back-processing time of government authorities too.

Online Tax filings are generally cost-free however you have to empty your pockets in case you go for other options. Hence it is highly recommended to file income tax return online which needs only a computer and an internet connection.

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