Missing Your 2019 Tax Refund?

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IRS Shares News about Undelivered Checks

  • The IRS seeks to return $153 million in undelivered checks to taxpayers; urges electronically filing and choose direct deposit to get a refund to evade future delivery troubles.
  • The IRS shares news about undelivered tax refunds when they get back undelivered check due to taxpayers who file by mail and have troubles with their mailing address. In order to save you from such problems, this article would be aidful in understanding the importance of filing your taxes with e-file and using the direct deposit option. It emphasizes that you must file your taxes online and use the amenities of e-file along with direct deposit which means you don’t have to make use of snail mail and send papers to the IRS and you end up receiving your tax refund much sooner.

Taxpayers who think their refund check may have been returned to the IRS as undelivered should use the online tools available on the website of IRS.gov. These tools will give the status of their refund and, in several cases; directions on how to overcome delivery problems. Taxpayers checking on a refund over the phone will obtain instructions on how to update their addresses. Taxpayers can access a telephone at the toll-free number and the government representative will help you to get the status of your refund.

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  • Although only a small percentage of checks mailed out by the IRS are returned as undelivered, taxpayers can put an end to misplaced, stolen or undelivered checks by opting direct deposit when they file either paper or electronic returns. Indirect deposit, the money is directly deposited into their bank account, split a tax refund into two or three financial accounts or even buy a savings bond.

Recommendation to Taxpayers

  • The IRS also suggests that taxpayers file their tax returns electronically, as e-file eliminates the risk of lost paper returns. It also decreases errors in tax returns and speeds up refunds. E-filing is not the only high-speed method of filing taxes but is also one of the most convenient ways of doing tax preparation. This is a much pristine process than the unique or conventional methods of filing state and federal taxes. E-file combined with direct deposit is the most appropriate option for taxpayers to stay away from refund problems; it’s simple, speedy and secure.

Consciousness in Community

  • The community should be conscious that the IRS does not get in touch with taxpayers by e-mail to alert them of imminent refunds and does not ask for individual or fiscal information through email. Such messages are common phishing scams. We advise taxpayers getting such messages not to disclose any personal information, reply, open any attachments or click on any links to avoid nasty code that can taint their computers.  The preeminent method for an individual to confirm if she or he has an awaiting refund is going directly to IRS.gov website and get information using their approved tools.

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