When income tax season 2018 arrives, most of the people live stressful lives. Sometimes people trust on credits and may bear financially if they fail to receive expected tax credits. In order to save yourself from loss, you should have a fair knowledge of recent tax-related issues and e-filing process.

You should be mentally prepared to file your return as soon as possible without waiting for the deadline.  Early filing will give you better chances of receiving your refund faster as compared to filing a few days before the deadline.

Below are the few methods of free tax filing Online 2018:

  1. Calculating Taxes by Hand

Fill your tax forms on your own and not through the help of others. This is because of the reason that if the taxes are being filed with help of other people, they may take benefit of your situation and will allege you a lot for doing simple calculations. The cost of filing by taxes by hand is almost near to the ground. Before availing any services from the market it is very important and essential to check the background of the company. The prime reason to check the same is due to the fact that many companies in market cheat over the customer for want of money. In addition to this, the users must also inquire regarding the fee they have to pay for the service. Few companies provide service free of cost while some companies charge a nominal fee.


  1. E-filing

E-filing is the process wherein the websites offer you corresponding e-forms needed to file your taxes. Generally, this is a process that does not cost anything to the taxpayers. People have to pay a considerable amount of bucks if they go through the option of not using the option of E-filing. One has to prepare their taxes online with help of a PC and simple internet connection. Once the process is completed person needs to submit the form for further processing.

  1. Using Free Online Software

Online software is an important mode of filing taxes online. Different verified software reused for filing tax returns. This software permits you to prepare your tax forms online.

Knowing different ways on how to file taxes for free will not only save your precious money but will also give you a proper and smooth filing of taxes.

Through the online mode, the filer can relax as he now does not have to wait in long queues outside government agencies to file his tax papers. He has no worries even if he is out of town as now he can file from the place he stays and get the returns deposited back in his account. Thus online filing is much more convenient and trouble-free

Thus, Filing taxes can be a task but by choosing appropriate online software this process of doing your tax return can be completed faster and easier without any hassles.

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